I know its hard. Don’t get me wrong. The only way we can get past the bad things in our mind is to get OUT of our minds. Like physically step out of your mind. Sometimes it involves you not implementing every little thing that your heart feels into. I’m taking psychology right now and I learn that your brain subconsciously works out solutions to your problems for you. That’s why you get bright ideas out of what you think is ‘nowhere’ when really the solution was in the incubation period.

For those having a hard time getting out of your mind, I want to commend you for the small things .

Eating a plate of food

Charging your phone

Doing your laundry



Every thing is little steps to a final destination, If we keep this mind … OOPs let me rephrase if we keep this on our sleeve we can take a better perspective on life’s tasks.

Lately , I’ve been doing a little bit of both getting out my mind , but laying just enough in my brain’s mess just so I can formulate and calculate how and what time frame I can accomplish my goals.

One thing I finally executed was my online store :(here) and sure I have a ways to go , however I came a far way from an idea an a sketch. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES (SMALL ONES TOO) We can do this!

Sometimes I wish I had people around me that could help me or give me advice on how to reach new heights. However , you can’t expect anyone to help you get anywhere THEY THEMSELVES haven’t been.

Just something to keep in ……… mind.  (For lack of a better word

I challenge you to get out of your mind and see how far you can go !!



Song of the day : Tory Lanez – Shooters (Audio)

Stay Level yall

Sinking ships . Floating anchors

Sinking ships . Floating anchors. Sometimes I wonder if i’m in over my head. Honestly, do you ever think that? Like who am I to think all these things can be done or can be done. If everything you thought about , good or bad came to fruition would you be in bad shape?

Sometimes I’m tempted to throw in the towel for everything I am trying to do. It all can be so much man like fr. I think we’d all be lying if we said we never had these type of thoughts or feelings. When you feel like all the things that are on your plate are wayyyyyyy to heavy to balance. I hope we all can conquer this , We will conquer this. If we are meant to conquer it . Some things are given to us so we can deliever it into another form. Like taking pain and turning it into art……..


Song of the day :

Stay Lifted

Its AudawayyyyyLit!


Where have I beeeeeeeeen?! Somebody get this girl!!

I know yall, but I have been Livin like the rest . Being tuned into how my spirit has been feeling. IT is hard to juggle all the many things that baffle and worry our minds. Sometimes it is best not to do things if your spirit is not in it to do it. Of course Mandatory things such as school and work cant be changed. But maybe you are putting too much on yourself and doing too much at once. Lessen the pressure and take your time . Too much on one plate can cause for a weak hand.  I say this because I am guilty as well, doing and tending to many ventures , tasks and objectives that often leave me in a state of worry  and uneasiness if I do not finish.

ALLL EASIER SAID THEN DONE. But remember take all the time you need to be in tune with how you are feeling and what is fueling your spirit and what is draining your spirit. In order to do that , you really have to get to know yourself , sober up , be free of elements and affecting factors. Get to know yourself . We all want something out of this life , SOMETHING. Sometimes we cant get caught up in that , sometimes we have to remember that we are created to give as well. We should also think about what we can give in this life. Go after what you want, take care of yourself, your mental state . Get out of unhealthy atmospheres and environments . Abandon things and people that do not serve / benefit or strengthen you.


I need to try to keep up with blogging , I’ve been busy though. But let me know if you guys like it.


As always

Stay Lifted





I ain’t been on this jawn in a 𝓂𝒾𝓃𝓊𝓉𝑒𝑒𝑒𝑒 ! I hope everyone’s 2018 is going swell so far. I just gotta say sum real quick, got a couple things on my mind. Knowing yo mf WORTH!!!! You HEAR ME ! KNOW YASELF KNOW YA WORTH. It’s real out here.  The amount of people who wanna drain you of your energy , use you for ANYTHING Literally anything you have is sad. It kinda sucks to be writing  this, because yall know I don’t TALK ABOUT ANYTHINGGG outside of my realm. So at any rate, I was thinking about how the past people were reappearing in my life . I’m like there has to be some reason . Sometimes you have to step out of the situation so you can see a different perspective than the inside. That’s what I had to do. I was thinking, reflecting and I discovered a few things. ONE, that people will always treat you based on how you allowed them to in the past, so that’s notable. SECOND, that people will keep in touch with you solely for the own benefit. Now I am not talking about genuine folk , those who call you and bring food when you are sick , give you rides when your car is broke down, send you a card to get your spirits up. I ain’t talking about that. Essentially, because if you are doing any of the above, then you must really care. I am speaking about those whose ways are funny acting , they disappear and then 𝔅𝔒𝔒𝔐 they are back in your life. They only hit you up when it’s convenient for them . What kind of a friend blocks you out there life ( literally) and then just decides to let you in their life when they feel its comfortable. I’m being vaig here but bear with me . IF it sounds fishy🐟 , SEEMS fishy , feels fishy , IF YOUR GUT IS TELLING YOU SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT.  IT AIN’T RIGHT. If all leads point to a fish, ISSA FISH. (Substitute rat for fish, for a more relative analogy).  Sometimes you have to cut off ties, that you 𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝑔𝒽𝓉 were refreshing to you (KEYWORD : 𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝑔𝒽𝓉) . Notably, as you get older you start to see the fugazi in things. If they don’t appreciate you, then they ain’t knowing your worth . Like how you gon’ call me a 𝓖𝓞𝓓𝓓𝓔𝓢𝓢 ♕ and then treat me like a peasant . GOODBYEE! KNOW YA WORTH FELLAS AND LADIES !! 


A statement I hate oh so very much. You tell someone , I broke my leg and they say “Well, it could be worse”. What this does is , disregards the fact that the current situation is αℓяєα∂у BAD. Regardless of that, you underrate someone’s feelings by doing that. STOP! Show some type of respect ! Nobody going through a hard time, wants to hear ” it could be worse” . They’ll stop talking to your ahh. That’s what they’ll do. Find other ways to console people other then telling them that their situation isn’t serious.

Today’s post was long, but I had to talk to yall for a minute. If you liked or learned anything from this post, Share this blog post .






    Well first let me start off by saying Happy 2018!! Hope yall had a safe lit New years. Now as we ring in the new year, there are new levels to reach, new endeavors to go after. In the midst of it all, we may need to take care of ourselves. Meaning, cut off some dead weight, exercise , eat healthier, take a social media break, change your number, GO TO THE DOCTOR FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Because Wealth is Health. I say this as I need to be sitting a doctors appointment too. It is sad, because aside of the alarming rate of non insurance coverage we as a people neglect our health . Either we work too much, we end up forgetting, some are just scared to go. ( And the term IGNORANCE IS BLISS for the winnnnnnn).  Well anyway, AT SOME POINT you must take care of you . You will never be able to ACCOMPLISH MUCH ELSE if you feel like a sack of potatoes (shrugs).

At any rate, shoot for yall goals. Don’t say you gon do em either. JUST DO EM.

One love

Stay Level and Be Safe


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When people don’t appreciate your craft….

I been off this for a minute. But I didn’t forget.

I been working, recording,editing, writing. Just a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

What to do when people don’t appreciate your craft? It can be quite agitating . However, there is nothing left to do but to keep working. There are so many behind the scene things that go into every craft. The things that NO ONE SEES, are the things that can potentially break you if you let the frustration do so. 

               I can definitely relate to that. I type this to say to you,  if you needed a Image-1.pngconfirmation whether or not to keep going , KEEP TF GOING. When you have your defining moment and you reach that peak . 

Then they’ll see what you really are.

A mrfk G !!!!

Stay Level




Aight so boom! You set some goals, they become your dreams . You start actually doing that junk to get to where you want to be and PEOPLE START LOOKING AT YOU CRAZYIMG_6543

THEN YOU’RE PROBABLY ON THE RIGHT TRACK, Alot of people are probably wondering , YO WHAT IS THIS GIRL TRYNA DO . The answer? EVERYTHING. Besides talking about myself, if people are asking or questioning your goals , your dreams then I’d have to agree you are doing the right thing. You are going the right way. Your dreams should be so big that not only do outsiders , or EVEN insiders question you but you should also question yourself.

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I really going to be able  to accomplish this?

Am I going to fail accomplishing this?

ALLL are logical questions to ask, You may even ask others for validation or confirmation. (GUILTY) However, IF YOU CAN BELIEVE YOU CAN DO SO , THEN YOU CAN DO SO. 

We got this, and even if close friends and colleagues doubt you …. What is that? EVEN MORE THE REASON TO PROVE THESE HITTAS WRONG….